EBS in the Community

EBS embraces the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the communities we serve and the professions we practice. Our team is committed to giving young people the resources to reach their potential, while connecting members in the community so that everyone can come together for the common good. Through fundraisers, donations, community events, and walks, EBS has been able to make a big impact in our local community and beyond!

Take a closer look at some of our programs below:


Our mission for the Best Buds program is to empower students and young adults for a successful transition into adulthood through teaching lifelong social skills and providing purposeful work experiences. Our approach starts in the classroom and continues through hands-on vocational internships throughout EBS's various divisions and in the community.

We believe, and research has shown, that young adults with disabilities can successfully function independently at jobs that are suited to their strengths and abilities, as long as the specific tasks involved in the job are taught to mastery criterion. We use a tiered approach to training so employees have the individualized support needed while still building independence. Our training approach utilizes experienced psychologists, BCBAs, and job coaches to provide direct training, scaffolding to teach new skills, frequent feedback, and a systematic reduction in support to ensure employees maintain skills and independence.


Kati Mac Floral Designs is a full-service event and everyday florist specializing in artistic, romantic, and poetic designs. Our artists bring the beauty of the outside world inside.

Kati Mac Floral Designs partners with EBS Best Buds to provide transition programs and meaningful work opportunities for students and young adults with special needs. At Kati Mac Floral Designs, you are getting exceptional quality while making a difference in the lives of young people.