EBS Children's Institute Clinics

EBS Children’s Institute, a division of EBS Healthcare, is a leading research, training, and teaching organization working to advance the field of special education and pediatric therapy. With top experts, university partnerships, and innovative learning resources, EBS develops new interventions and tools that empower therapists and special educators to deliver the highest quality of services. Our mission is to make a global impact by bringing research into practice to provide comprehensive services including diagnostics, treatment, consultation and collaboration.

Our state-of-the-art clinics, located nationwide, bridge the gap between research and practice. As a result, therapists and special educators remain on the cutting edge of their fields, and children and families gain access to life-changing treatment and access to the top professionals.


We conduct research in partnership with top experts and universities across the country to help advance the field. Our combination of research and clinical experience has led us to develop effective solutions that enhance the services we deliver.


EBS Children's Institute provides trainings and professional development on the latest research and cutting-edge techniques. Our continuing education increases knowledge and strengthens clinical skills to meet the changing needs of the populations we serve.


Our team of certified specialists provides the highest-quality programs and services throughout all stages of development. Our collaborative, family-centered approach creates an environment where children can confidently master everyday skills.