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EBS Children's Institute

The EBS Children's Institute team of experts provides assessment, treatment and therapy programs for the pediatric population. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with therapy and observation rooms, rock-climbing wall, ball pit and a fully-functioning kitchen for activities of daily living (ADL). We conduct research in partnership with top experts and universities across the country to help advance the field. Our combination of research and clinical experience has led us to develop effective solutions that enhance the services we deliver. EBS Children's Institute provides trainings and professional development on the latest research and cutting-edge techniques. Our continuing education programs increase knowledge and strengthen clinical skills to meet the changing needs of the populations we serve. Visit EBS Children's Institute


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EBS United

As the multicultural and bilingual division of EBS, EBS United offers extraordinary programs and opportunities for clinicians to better their skills in working with culturally and linguistically diverse children. We recognize that we are a nation of culturally and linguistically diverse people, and EBS United's mission is to help clinicians better serve children and families of diverse backgrounds. Visit EBS United

EBS Early Intervention

EBS Early Intervention specializes in early child development. Our mission is to help babies and toddlers learn essential skills during the first years of life such as physical, cognitive, communication, social, emotional and self-help. We help families learn—in the comfort of their own home—how to promote their baby's new skill development. Visit EBS Early Intervention

EBS Pediatrics

EBS Pediatrics partners with organizations within the community to implement the highest-quality therapy services and programs to the pediatric population. EBS Pediatrics has proudly hosted events and services such as family fun days, developmental screenings, literacy events, as well as activities in the community. Visit EBS Pediatrics

EBS Learning

EBS Learning is dedicated to cutting-edge thinking, innovation, and quality design to improve student-learning outcomes. Whether working to adapt or grow an existing program, or developing new products and programs to reach more educators and students, EBS has a commitment to ongoing research, application, and best practices. Visit EBS Learning