CF Summer Series

Welcome to the EBS Clinical Fellowship Team!

The EBS CF Summer Series has been thoughtfully designed to prepare you for your upcoming Clinical Fellowship. With the valued input of our CF mentors and Leadership Team members, we have compiled a variety of tools and resources that will be beneficial to your career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Think of this webpage as your one-stop-shop for all of your CF needs.

“Our commitment is to increase your knowledge, strengthen your skills as a clinician and broaden the range of possibilities for your advancement by investing in your professional growth and ongoing development.”
—Melanie Hudson, M.A., CCC-SLP, F-ASHA, F-NAP | Director of Quality Assurance, Mentorship and Training

You should be receiving periodic emails from us throughout the summer. If you have not received any of the CF Summer Series emails, please reach out to your Career Specialist.

Missed an email? No problem! You will find all of them right here on this page. Simply click on the buttons below to view the emails and resources.

Welcome to the EBS Clinical Fellowship Program

We are thrilled to welcome you to the EBS Clinical Fellowship Team! As part of the EBS family, you can feel confident that you are with a team who cares about you and your career. 

While you may still have some time before you begin your assignment, our team is ready to assist you and check in along the way. Through the EBS CF Mentorship Program, you will receive professional support, training and guidance to ensure a smooth transition from graduate school to becoming an independent SLP.

We have compiled a variety of tools and resources that will be emailed to you over the next few weeks. This first set of resources from ASHA below will be beneficial to know and understand as you prepare for your Clinical Fellowship. Please click on the buttons to access the information:

Be on the lookout for a series of emails from us in the next few weeks. Topics will include:

  • ASHA information
  • Software and apps
  • Our EBS CF SharePoint
  • Latest news and articles
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • EBS Resource Library

We are so excited for you to begin your CF experience and to watch you grow as a professional!

If you have questions, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact your Career Specialist at any time.

Let's Get Social

As part of EBS’s commitment to you and your professional growth, we have compiled a series of helpful articles designed to help you stay up-to-date in the field of speech-language pathology. Please take a few minutes to read this first article: "Use of Design Thinking to Inform Eligibility Recommendations for Children With Spoken Language and Literacy Disorders in Schools" from Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.
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Introducing Our SCIP App

Did you know that EBS created an app for your iPad that helps you enhance your therapy sessions by getting faster results in articulation and phonology? I’d like to introduce you to our revolutionary app, SCIP (Sound Contrasts In Phonology)!
SCIP is an evidence-based, therapeutic tool developed through a $1 million dollar NIH grant by ASHA President, Dr. A. Lynn Williams. Dr. Williams partnered with EBS Learning to create this revolutionary app to maximize therapy by increasing intelligibly in less time.
Our app gives you the most comprehensive collection of contrastive sound pairs so you can have a treatment tool right at your fingertips on your iPad.
SCIP is loaded with time-saving features that make your life easier:
  • Create treatment programs with 5 contrastive approaches 
  • Add treatment profiles quickly and easily 
  • Treat individual students or groups 
  • Collect session data and graph data over time 
  • Each word has both an illustration and real picture 
  • Print illustrations 

SCIP is just another benefit that you receive as an EBS employee. Please connect with your Career Specialist after August 1, 2021 if you are interested in utilizing the SCIP app for the upcoming school year.

Refer a Friend

I hope you are having a great summer so far and that you are finding the information that EBS has been sending over helpful to you and your upcoming Clinical Fellowship.

Another article that we found that would be beneficial to your career is: "Autism and Neurodiversity: Addressing Concerns and Offering Implications for the School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist" from Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. Please take a few minutes to check it out. Happy reading!

I also wanted to make you familiar with our Employee Referral Program. EBS is offering up to $1500 referral bonuses to our employees. Let us know if you have any friends, family members, or colleagues who you feel would be a great addition to the EBS team. All you have to do is simply click on the “Make a Referral” button below and fill out our referral form.

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If you have questions, we are here for you! Please feel free to contact your Career Specialist at any time.

Map Out Your CF Experience

We wanted to share a resource that will help you understand and map out your Clinical Fellowship experience. The Completing the Clinical Fellowship (CF) Experience infographic, developed by ASHA, helps illustrate the step-by-step process. Make sure to save or print this resource as it may become a very useful visual. 
It may also be valuable for you to review each of the 10 steps of the ASHA Clinical Fellowship Experience. Take a look and familiarize yourself to gain a better understanding of what is expected during your CF year. As always, if you have any questions, please connect with your Career Specialist.

It's Contest Time!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting ready for a great 2021-2022 school year!
EBS is having a fun contest for all of our Clinical Fellows: Tell us you’re a CF without telling us you’re a CF via photo or video on Instagram! Make sure to tag us @ebshealthcare for your chance to win some EBS swag. We will select a winner on Thursday, July 29th.
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Caselite Scheduling Software to the Rescue

As we continue to get closer to the upcoming school year, I wanted to make you aware of another added benefit for our employees: Caselite!
Caselite is our web-based intervention scheduling and documentation program. In a time where caseloads continue to grow, we provide an efficient way to schedule interventions. As a result, you can focus on tailoring your schedule to the individual needs of the students, rather than spending all their energy finding times that work.
For more information about our innovative scheduling software, please contact your Career Specialist or visit:

Tips for Getting Started

The EBS Clinical Fellowship Program is a commitment we make to you that you will receive the guidance, tools and resources you need throughout your career with us. EBS Regional Leads possess years of experience and have compiled a list of tips from their experiences to assist you as you begin your Clinical Fellowship.
Take a look at our tips and scheduling templates for getting started.
Please Note: You will need the password sent to you at the bottom of the CF Team emails to access these resources.

View Resources

Mapping Out Your School Year

Are you finding that you have so much to do and so little time to accomplish it?

Planning ahead for IEP or IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plans for Early Intervention) meetings, reevaluations, progress reporting periods, and state assessment administration dates will help you manage the busier times in your school year. Making small adjustments in your schedule to get (and stay!) organized will keep you on track, and you will find that you have more time to concentrate on what's really important – your students.

We have compiled some information that will assist you in mapping out important dates throughout the year so you can balance your time providing therapy and collaborating with team members. Check them out by clicking on the "View Resources" button!