Evidence-Based Tools and Resources

Special education can be complicated, but we don't want it to be overwhelming. That's why EBS is dedicated to developing tools and resources that help make it easier for professionals to provide the best services possible. We've partnered with leaders in the field to create software that makes scheduling, treatment, and documentation more effective and streamlined, as well as a revolutionary app for speech/language therapy. We even have an EBS Resource Library with the best and latest material for your therapy sessions!

Our goal is for our therapists and special educators to spend less time planning and more time with the kids! When you become a member of the EBS team, you gain access to Caselite Software, SCIP (Sound Contrasts in Phonology) app, evidence-based tools and resources, and all of the material you need to enhance your therapy sessions from our EBS Resource Library. Take a tour of our programs below!


Caselite is a web-based system that addresses the challenge of intervention scheduling in the schools. It's designed for anyone who needs to schedule and document interventions (Special Education/Resource Teachers, SLPs, PTs, OTs, etc.). Caselite Software takes the pain out of scheduling, makes documenting services a breeze, and provides administrators with unprecedented visibility. It all started with school-based SLPs who wanted "a magic scheduling button" and a tool to make scheduling simple, with an easy way to document services. www.caselite.com


SCIP (Sound Contrasts in Phonology), funded through a $1M NIH Grant, is the product of thousands of hours of evidence-based research and the work of Dr. A. Lynn Williams, leading EBS Speech-Language Pathologists, and nearly 100 Speech-Language Pathologists throughout the country. The application utilizes five Contrastive Methods, more than 2,300 pictures and illustrations, 6,000 words, and has simple tracking and reporting that can be used for both individuals and groups. SCIP does not require the significant preparation time of traditional methods and has demonstrated increases in the overall effectiveness of therapy. www.scipapp.com