Hello Microsoft 365 Users:

We are so excited to make this announcement the migration has been finalized and you are now able to utilize Microsoft 365.  Please note that your access to Google and its features are now turned off to avoid you losing any data. 
·         To log in:
o   Open Microsoft 365: Microsoft Office Home
o   Enter your Log in: firstName.lastName@ebshealthcare.com
o   Enter your Password: Changeme123
§  You will be prompted to rest your password with the following requirements:
·         8 character minimum, utilizing upper and lower case letters and a number or symbol
As we realize this is something new and may take a few days/times to get acclimated - we invite you to get acquainted with Microsoft and its features over the Holiday break.  Your data should be moved over so please feel free to explore and make sure that you have what you need in your Microsoft One Drive and email.  Should you have questions please email support at: support@ebsunited.com.

  • Is my email still firstname.lastname@ebsunited.com
  • Where is my old email
    • Your old email will be located in a folder called "Migrated from Google Workspace"
  • Will my name remain the same?
    • Yes. For most people.  
    • Microsoft has a 24 character limit – if your original email was BELOW 24 characters it has stayed the same
    • If your original email address was OVER 24 characters (mostly due to hyphenated names, the hyphenated last name was shortened to what came after the hyphen. So the log in would be:  firstname.lastname minus the hyphenated prefix@ebshealthcare.com
    • Mark Strait will contact send you a separate email on Dec 28h if your name has changed in a way that does not fit the above formats.
  •  I have been using my Google drive and have so much information in it – what will happen to it?
    • Your files should now be located on One Drive
  • Does Microsoft have an on-line version of Google Meet?
  • Is this new platform HIPAA compliant?
    • Yes, EBS’s platform is created specifically for the requirements of our professionals.
  • What if I’m not familiar with Microsoft 365?
    • Here are tutorials to walk you through the different features of Microsoft 365
    • There is so much Microsoft has - don’t forget to try new things.
  • What if I have questions after I have reviewed the tutorials and support tools – who do I contact?
    • EBS will set up a line of communication with our IT team to be able to assist any issues that may arise. For questions or assistance please email: support@ebsunited.com.
Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season,
Your EBS IT Team