Occupational Therapy Month: Rising to Meet New Challenges

April is Occupational Therapy Month. As we celebrate the OT profession and its vital role in health care, EBS embraces new challenges and continues to enhance lives by providing occupational therapy services through telehealth. 

In today’s new world, telehealth has been a lifesaver. Telehealth gives families and therapists the opportunity to connect in a unique way. Incorporating occupational therapy into distance learning can create a more dynamic and successful educational experience.

There are many positive benefits of OT telehealth services. Our therapists have broadened their skill sets by learning new and creative ways of providing therapy via telehealth. We have been able to reach and connect with more children and families, support them in the transition of staying at home, and collaborate to build new structures and routines, while continuing to help children achieve their goals. Parents can even ask questions, observe and practice strategies, and learn how to most effectively carry over techniques into their daily lives. Parents can also provide insight to the therapist regarding their specific needs and priorities to best serve and support their child. 

EBS has been a pioneer in the telepractice and telehealth field for over a decade. We are constantly updating our distance learning programs to implement the latest research and technology. In partnership with EBS Children’s Institute, our leading research, training, and teaching organization, we are able to offer innovative learning resources and tools that empower therapists and special educators to deliver the highest quality of services for students nationwide.

The Power of Telehealth
The Positive Benefits of Teletherapy
OT + Teletherapy = Distance Learning Success
Providing OT Services through Telehealth