Autism Awareness Month: A Virtual Celebration

This April, EBS wanted to spread autism awareness by shining a light on the importance of autism and teletherapy. 

So many families rely on EBS to help their children improve communication, social skills, behavior, self-care, and more. EBS is dedicated to ensuring that those with autism and their loved ones have a network of support.

During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, EBS knows that continuity of care is especially important for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Teletherapy can play an essential role in the early detection of autism, and serve as a wonderful resource for children with autism and their families. The EBS approach to teletherapy ensures that children can receive services at a convenient time, on any device, in the comfort of your own home.

EBS has been a pioneer in the telepractice and telehealth field for over a decade. We are constantly updating our distance learning programs to implement the latest research and technology. In partnership with EBS Children’s Institute, our leading research, training, and teaching organization, we are able to offer innovative learning resources and tools that empower therapists and special educators to deliver the highest quality of services for students nationwide.

Autism and Telehealth: A Piece in the Puzzle
Autism and Telehealth: The Perfect Fit

In honor of World Autism Day, and to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, EBS also participated in Light It Up Blue, virtually. EBS team members wore their blue shirts and met through Zoom to light up the screen blue to show support for autism.