EBS brings Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) to its state-of-the-art clinic

If you’ve ever shared your home with a dog you love, then you know they have an amazing ability to affect your mood, in a very positive way. Dogs have the ability to interact with people in ways that humans cannot. 

Mark Stubits, President of EBS, saw the joy that his dog, Duke, brought to the children and families at EBS Children’s Institute, as well as the employees of EBS.

I knew that Duke would be a perfect therapy dog, so I enrolled him in Paws for People” said Mark. “He has brought so much comfort, support, and smiles to the children who receive therapy services at EBS Children’s Institute!

There are many studies that support the therapeutic use of dogs to enhance communication, socialization, active movement, and play. It can also significantly increase a child’s ability to participate during a treatment session. Clients of all ages and abilities gain a sense of trust and control, which they may not have in any other areas of their lives. 

The children light up when they see Duke” says EBS Children’s Therapy Clinic Director, Kara Carwell. “He has become such an important member of our team!

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is directed by a professional, such as a Reading Specialist, BCBA, occupational, speech, or physical therapist, who has been trained to use the animal within the scope of practice of his/her profession, along with the animal’s human partner. EBS began using AAT at its state-of-the-art clinic, EBS Children’s Institute, located at the headquarters in West Chester, PA. Because of the success it brought to the EBS Children’s Institute clients, EBS began to incorporate AAT in its clinics throughout the country.

This year we are offering a Summer Reading Program for elementary-level students where Duke and other therapy animals will be onsite for students to read to in a safe and comfortable environment” Mrs. Carwell explains. “Students will be able to practice their prosody, fluency, and gain overall reading confidence!

Meet Duke, the EBS Therapy Dog!

Duke is a German Short-haired Pointer/Lab mix who has not only passed advance levels as a Paws for People therapy dog, but is also considered a Canine Good Citizen. Duke is a gentle, quiet dog who loves working with children. He spends his days making people smile and motivating clients to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Duke even has his own Facebook page! Make sure to follow along his journey: https://www.facebook.com/EBSTherapyDog