Autism: Hope that there is help

EBS Children’s Institute, a division of EBS Healthcare, is making a life-changing impact on families who love someone with Autism (ASD) through pediatric occupational, physical, speech, behavior and psychological services. 

Every child is different, and diagnosing and treating ASD requires careful evaluation and tailored treatment plans unique to each individual. Additionally, kids with Autism typically have behavioral and emotional challenges that change over time. To account for this need, EBS Children’s Institute is one of the first private outpatient clinics in the Chester and Delaware County area to have a psychologist and behavior experts on staff who collaborate with our creative occupational, speech, and physical therapists. 

We offer comprehensive behavioral programs, as well as ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) programs. We also offer integrated treatment programs that focus on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, feeding, sensory processing and sensory integration, executive functioning, functional vision including visual tracking and visual convergence, balance, movement, strength and conditioning, and more.  

EBS Children’s Institute also features:

  • A fully equipped gym with a rock climbing wall, an indoor swing, crash pit, scooters and more, where therapy feels like fun! EBS Children’s Institute also boasts a full-service kitchen, washing machine, and dryer where we cook, and work on skills needed for functional independence. Most of our spacious, light-filled play areas and therapy rooms have high-tech observation rooms where parents and school teams can observe without interrupting therapy. 
  • Consistency of care typically leads to greater growth in a shorter timeframe. That’s why we coordinate with home and school teams, include siblings in sessions, and provide parent coaching on how to incorporate therapy into daily routines. 
  • From programs for babies and toddlers, all the way through adults, we treat all ages. We take most insurance plans, and offer flexible payment options. We also provide session times that work best for a family’s busy schedule: after school and evening hours, and Saturday morning sessions are available. 

Visit to find out how we can help. Or call 610-455-4040 today for a consultation or evaluation.