Meredith Finnie, M.S., CCC-SLP, on her journey with EBS Healthcare

Meredith Finnie, M.S., CCC-SLP
Regional Director, EBS Healthcare

“My EBS journey began almost 12 years ago while in graduate school. I was looking for an outstanding organization that could help me find a great CF position in the public schools and also help me relocate from Texas to New England. I wanted something that offered me great mentorship, networking opportunities and help with the regulations and licensure requirements for a new state. However, most importantly I wanted to work somewhere that had a strong history of supporting my new profession.

I never imagined when I accepted my first job as a CF with EBS Healthcare that I would have more than just a job. Instead, EBS has given me an amazing career that allows me to support new graduates as well as veteran employees, provide presentations to universities and support my profession locally through MSHA.

During my Clinical Fellowship I realized that I got everything I was looking for and more from EBS! Over the next several years I was given the opportunity to grow into more of a leadership role, first as a mentor for CFs and new employees and then becoming the Lead Speech-Language Pathologist in the area. I was able to grow both personally and professionally within that position. After a few more years, I was offered a new position, adding many other new and exciting responsibilities to my career. EBS also encouraged me to explore my passion for volunteering with my state association. With much support and encouragement I am currently in my second year as the Massachusetts Speech-Language Hearing Association President.”