Carly Stoltenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP, on her journey with EBS Healthcare

Carly Stoltenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP
Regional Director, EBS Healthcare

“Prior to working for EBS, I spent 12 years working directly for a school district. During that time, I transitioned from a special education preschool program to a middle school. I asked the special education director to provide me a mentor given the significant change I was making in populations. Unfortunately, the district did not have the manpower to provide that kind of support for me. I struggled at first, but managed to navigate my way in that position.

I had heard so much about EBS and their commitment to the support and training of individuals in our field, which really appealed to me. I was looking to further my own professional growth and was interested in growing into more of a leadership role with EBS, where I could provide the kind of mentorship I wished I had been given along the way. When I interviewed with EBS, I explained that I did not have any formal leadership experience and was hoping that they would provide mentoring and support to move into that kind of role. Contrary to the experience that I had with the school district when I had requested a mentor 4 years previously, my HR Specialist at EBS assured me that there would be many qualified individuals who would be available to mentor me, again stressing that support and training are the hallmark features of EBS. Since working for EBS I have discovered that all employees who work for EBS are provided with mentoring, support, and training throughout their entire careers.

I can say I have truly landed in my dream job. EBS has not only given me the chance to grow within my career, but has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. Had I not taken this journey with EBS, I would have never had the opportunity to participate in so many facets of this career. I continue to discover more opportunities, experiences, and exciting new roles as I continue to grow with EBS. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine there were so many other wonderful opportunities for speech-language pathologists.

I began my career with EBS in July 2007, wondering if this opportunity could really be as wonderful as it sounded. EBS turned out to be everything I hoped it would be, and more. The opportunities that I have had with EBS have been amazing. I travel to state and national conventions and to university job fairs to speak to current and future SLPs about opportunities with EBS. I mentor and provide training to Clinical Fellows and veteran employees in my region.”