Carly Stoltenberg, CCC-SLP, tells her story with EBS Healthcare

I had heard so much about EBS and their commitment to the support and training of individuals in our field. I was looking to further my own professional growth and was interested in growing into more of a leadership role with EBS, where I could provide the kind of mentorship I wished I had been given along the way. [Continue reading Carly Stoltenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP, on her journey with EBS Healthcare ]

Updated: 5/29/2014

Meredith Finnie - EBS Healthcare

I never imagined when I accepted my first job as a CF with EBS Healthcare that I would have more than just a job. Instead, EBS has given me an amazing career that allows me to support new graduates as well as veteran employees, provide presentations to universities and support my profession locally through MSHA. [Continue reading Meredith Finnie, M.S., CCC-SLP, on her journey with EBS Healthcare]

Updated: 5/16/2014

Fatima Hassan - EBS Healthcare

"Standing on a mountain top on the other side of the world, tapping into all my senses while navigating through an unfamiliar country and volunteering with amazing children of another culture elicited a powerful emotion within me, and helped me realize how extraordinary it is to be a part of the EBS family." [Continue reading Fatima Hassan, M.S., CCC-SLP, on her journey with EBS Healthcare]

Updated: 5/8/2014